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The Gripper 100 is a lightweight 100 watt battery that attaches directly to 15mm rods. Instead of needing additional mounting accessories, the body of the gripper battery clamps firmly to your 15mm lightweight spaced rods. This 14.4v battery comes with two p-tap outputs - one on the front and one on the back. You can increase the number of P-taps with the Gripper P-tap adapter. An LED fuel gauge on the side shows the remaining capacity of the battery. Each battery has been UN tested for airline safety and are suitable for transportation on passenger aircraft as carry-on luggage. This is the perfect accessory to the Gratical Eye and the Power & Video Cable.
Gripper 100W BatteryGripper 100W BatteryGripper 100W BatteryGripper 100W BatteryGripper 100W BatteryIndie Recoil Rig w/ Gratical Eye, HDMI Converter, and Gripper batterySony FS7 Recoil Rig w/ EyeSony FS5 EVF Recoil w/ Gratical Eye

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